Who We Are

Dramatic Results is an association of theatre and drama practitioners, artists and specialist consultants, all experienced in working in groups from business and the community, to explore issues, find solutions and allow group members to own the outcomes of the sessions.

What We Do

Dramatic Results uses the powerful interactive techniques of forum drama. We create and facilitate interactive workshops to help participants:

  • Explore issues
  • Experiment with change
  • Develop and refine appropriate solutions and strategies
  • Create and test interventions
  • And function at the highest level.

Dramatic Results offer a growing range of off-the-peg workshops addressing issues of general concern:

  • Exploring assertiveness
  • Bullying and Harassment in the Workplace
  • Diversity Awareness

Dramatic Results creates theatre presentations for conferences events and road-shows to enliven presentations, open up issues, stimulate discussion and debate and present information.

Who We Work With

Our clients come from the private and public sector and represent resale, banking, healthcare, education, insurance, local authorities, and national charities.

We work in the community too with client groups ranging from primary school communities to prisons and drop-in centres for homeless adults.

How Can We Help You

The first thing our prospective clients say is "we want something engaging and different" or "we want something challenging but fun" or "we want lasting impact and results".

Contact us to discuss your requirements and how we can meet them with you.